Tephra 2014

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Tephra 2014 - VHub Groups
Tephra Groups
Additional supporting documentation and discussion will be available on the Tephra2014 group on VHub. We encourage all individuals interested in the workshop or tephra studies to join VHub and contribute.

We are also asking interested individuals to express their interest in a group blog page.

The 50 research questions, challenges, and opportunities in tephra studies exercise will be conducted via the group's wiki pages. Additional materials, including tutorials, will also be posted following the workshop.

Additional related groups on VHub include:
Increasing Collaboration and Data Sharing in Tephrochronology/Volcanology,
IAVCEI Commission on Tephra Hazard Modelling, and Tephra in paleoclimate Records among others.

About VHub
VHub is an online resource for international collaboration in volcanology research and risk mitigation. VHub provides mechanisms to share tools and resources and to communicate with other members of the volcanology community and with members of the educational and stakeholder communities. The VHub web site is powered by the HUBzero software developed at Purdue University. Development of VHub is supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation.